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The East Hamilton Spiritual Church Saga Continues….

A random attack from Gisele Marshall on my FB wall today. Have to wonder if it was really her or if her FB account was hacked….. I do not know what is wrong with these people. She told me to stay out of their lives and called me a bitch on a thread about unique shoe storage idea. I have not been to the church since March 2012 and yet they keep attacking me at random…. People with too little to do. Great examples of the principles of Spiritualism…. I guess my blog is having a better impact than I thought.

  • All I did was post the correspondence from the church at the time and my reply. Hard when the truth bits them in the butt 3+ years later. Go figure. Great start to boxing day I must say. Wonder if this was an example of the Christmas Spirit and being Christ like?
  • The thread was as follows:

    Gisele Marshall

    December 26 at 11:28am

    “Catherine stay out of our life Bith.

    Catherine MacDonald “you have a problem… I am not in your life….. Maybe you should learn how you use Facebook and learn how to spell if you are going to use the big words…. Merry Christmas to you. Wonderful way to show the Christmas spirit and the principles of Spiritualism…. I am so glad so much has changed at the church.”
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    Gisele Marshall

    December 26 at 11:33am

    “Also take my Daughter Alice out of your life do you understand this take her Name out of the Hate list Also.

    [ note that Gisele Marshall was the one who recommended I friend this person Alice Orchard on December 7 2014. I did send the request but it was never accepted so this person was never on my friend’s list. Now Gisele is attacking me for acting of her friend request from 2 weeks ago?? I did not even know she had a daughter by that name.]

    Catherine MacDonald “Learn how to use FB you….. YOU added me and so did the others. Wow I am not the one who started this nonsense on a random post. Wow things must be getting really tough at East Hamilton Spiritual Church…. That is what happens when the truth is exposed.
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    Gisele Marshall

    December 26 at 11:37am

    “I never mention Church. you did.You haven change a Bit.

    Catherine MacDonald “Funny you attack out of nowhere on this thread [about unique shoe storage] and you say I am the one who
    is the problem. I am quite sure this is not Gisele Marshall that I know.
    My sense is someone else is using your account to harass me? If it is
    you then you have become a very nasty person not at all the person I met when I first came to Hamilton. But you are right I have not changed. I do not like two-faced, liars and racists and that is what the president of East Hamilton Spiritualist Church is. Too bad the board is to blinded and controlled by her to change things for the church.”
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    Catherine MacDonald Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 11 hrs · Like

    Then Gisele Marshall began deleting her comments and blocked me or was booted off of FB because I reported the posts. Is it me or are these people at this church nuts???

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