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The latest nonsense from East Hamilton Spiritual Church

Michael Sims contacted me tonight in Facebook Messenger and wrote the following:

“I see you are a good advisor but a so so spiritualist. I thought we were taught to forgive and move on. I see you can”t. Hamilton has changed and so has the people, it is all new. You can feel the calm and good vibes in the church, now it is the time you re- think and learn to open you heart again. Take down your trash and forget about your past I do not care what happened, look towards your future and how bright it could be.”


My reply:

“Truth is truth and given the negativity of your tone I do not feel that anything has changed at the church. Thanks for the wonderful confirmation that that blog is EXACTLY right and will save many others from being drawn into a church that condones racism, prejudice and belittling of anyone who does not play by Kathy Barnard’s sandbox rules.

 If the church represents Spiritualism then I need to find a new path…. Someone who makes fun of members sexual orientation or mental disability is NOT a good example of what spiritualism is about. Evil can only over take the world if good people stand by and do nothing about it.

And on a final note if you are so unconcerned about the past at EHSC why did you feel the need to contact me at all and attack me in Facebook messenger? Something tells me it is time for the AGM at the church and I am sure your profile is not real also. I would be willing to bet if you are real someone put you up to this.”

The trash this person is referring to is this blog.

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  • admin says:

    And if the church does not condone such behavior than they would vote out the President of the Board who is the one who did the things described above.